Welcome to the Voice Academy Austria!

We will give you the opportunity for the affectionate development of your voice and personality. Life is too short for you to not reach your full potential! You can look forward to the journey into the world of the power of voice, life force, positive challenge, and personal development.

What clients are saying;


Singing for Adults, Youth, and Children


No matter if you are a beginner, have taken singing lessons, or are a professional singer with onstage experience, you will find what you need with us.


From the basics of voice and breathing techniques, to sound work as well as musical fine adjustments for experienced singers.


Discover you vocal possibilities!

  • Volume, strength and endurance during singing
  • Correct voice and breathing techniques
  • Expansion of your vocal range
  • New tonal colors, new vocal sounds
  • What to do when you are nervous, have stage fright, or performance angst?
  • Self-assured and souvereign performance


Development of your personality

 Singing lessons-the wonderful key to your personal soulful sound!

Here you can sing the type of songs you want to depending on your own musical taste. The Voice Academy works on singing techniques in different areas and specializes in:

Classical, Musical, and Pop singing



Learn how your voice can soothe and enchant!







Offers & Prices:

  • Singing lessons for beginners and experienced singers
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Child voice development
  • Parent - Child singing
  • Preparation for admission tests

Price for Adults:                              65€ / lesson
 Block of 10: 620€ (available in Tirol)


DUO - Song lessons

40€ per Person



20% Rebate for Lower Austria





High Performance Coaching is aimed at singers who want to reach their FULLEST POTENTIAL!


Due to my vast experience as a vocal coach and singer, I know that even though you can have much talent and singing experience, you can suffer from inner blockages. Often these problems have been present for years without you knowing the reason why.

When you learn how to sing from your soul, you get a positive feeling to "forget about yourself". You reach an absolute openess and build unbelievable energy that the audience can feel and see in your performance.  This is the point where HIGH PERFORMANCE COACHING helps you to reach your highest potential. Without exception, you can present yourself in a positive light and show your inner serenity.

What's unique about my coaching is the work on the level of the Akasha Chronik. I help you open a whole new level in the spiritual and radiant world!  Through this training, blocked areas you have, start to be elevated through resonance. Your own voice and personality become your individual and unmistakable soul vibration. As your voice resonates through to your listeners, you become one with your audience!

"It's the way into the soul"-don't get bogged down in an old routine!  As long we are stuck in learned structures, we are unsure, and search for recognition and approval from outside sources. This is a vicious circle.  It is the art of letting go that helps us trust in loving guidance.

Digging deep down to another level, the artist can quickly find his/her way to having an incredible stage presence and a strong appearance.

-You want to have an unhindered and secure feeling while on stage?  I look forward to you making an appointment with me!

Offers & PrIces:
60 min…120 €

  • Reach your full potential!
  • Preparation for castings, hearings, concerts, and tours
















 Healing Singing for Heart und Soul

Akasha Chronik Singing makes entry into your personal essence possible. Your soul has a special resonance that one can reach directly with song. Pure vibrations of the soul always sound beautiful, soothing, fascinating, fulfilling, and far reaching. The love and beauty of your true self lie within your voice.

Express your light-filled being through your voice!

Singing positively influences and regulates the psychic and physical condition. Healing singing through the Akasha Chronik is one of the most direct and profound ways to your inner soul and your own self-regulation.

Singing from the Akasha Chronik means: „Singing from your heart"!


Singing for your powerful energy

Working on the openess of fine feeling energy

Schooling of the consciousness for the quantum field

Strengthening your self confidence


 In this protected and healing room we will sing beautiful, healing songs that go deep into your soul...






Offers & Prices:

1. Single Akasha Singing training

2. Group Akasha Singen


Group Akasha Singing in Tirol:
Thursday 20:00 - 21:00

 (Entry still possible)


Interested in Akasha Chronik Reading?



Petra Wolf (formerly Baumgartner)

Song pedagogic, singer and psychological consultanting



IGP classic und popular song education at the University for Music und Performing Arts Vienna, completed with a Bachelor of the Arts



Specializing in:

• Classical adult song training

• Pop singing

• Child and youth voice training


Master course und CVT – Complete Vocal Technique by Monika Ballwein


Teaching post at the University of Vienna for Psychology & Philosophy

Music education with major focus on piano at the University for Music und Performing Arts Vienna, completed with a Master of the Arts


Psychological consulting, with focus on "Integrated Health Management" at the ASIG Vienna



"AKASHA CHRONIK" education by Gabrielle Orr.


Private Akademie für Jugend- und Erwachsenenbildung



Gegenüber Widumgasse 1

6142 Mieders



Hauptstraße 44

7092 Winden am See


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